How to Convert File(s) to YouTube Compatible Format

To convert file(s) to YouTube compatible format, perform the following steps:


Insert the file into the Tasks List, and specify the format to be YouTube by going to the File Settings - Profile page, selecting the Video icon, and selecting the left and right arrows until the FLV profile appears.


To adjust settings such as bitrate control, speed, frame rate. GOP settings, RTP, high compression, and Sorenson video (Flash), select the Edit this Profile button to open the Conversion Profile Editor dialog.

YouTube recommends a bitrate of 24fps or higher.


Use the Portion page to convert a portion of the source file. YouTube videos are limited to 10 minutes.


Use the Video Options page to crop, de-interlace or resize your video. YouTube recommends a resolution of 640x480.


Add effects, if you wish.


Select image\IconStartConversion.gif on the Tasks List toolbar to start the conversion process.

Note that if you are using YouTube's Single File uploader, your file is limited to 100 MB and 10 minutes. If you are using the YouTube uploader, your file(s) is limited to 1 GB and 10 minutes.

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