How to Create a DVD

With MēConvert Pro you can compose DVD titles and chapters and compress your files to MPEG2 format to create a DVD image A set of files that contain all of the video and audio content for a DVD, organized with a table of contents (optional). See also: Title The name for a group of related video files (called "Chapters") on your DVD. For example, for a DVD called "My Summer Vacation," you might have the titles "Water Skiing," "New Friends," and "Hiking." For each of those titles, you might have one or more different video files., Chapter The name for each individual video file on a DVD. For example, under the title "Water Skiing", you might have the chapters "My first try," "My first wreck," and "My first jump.", ISO Image An ISO image (.iso) is a disk image of a file system. It includes data files that are contained in the ISO image along with filesystem metadata. ISO images are an alternative to physical media for distribution of a "DVD" over the Internet. Most operating systems allow ISO images images to be "played" as if they were physical discs. See also: DVD Image..Title , Chapter , ISO Image .Title , Chapter , ISO Image .Title , Chapter , ISO Image .Title , Chapter , ISO Image . that is ready for burning onto DVD disks. Creating a DVD is creating the files just the way they need to be in order to burn them. Create the files to be burnt in the DVD by selecting image\ActionsCreateDVD.gif on the Actions tab, or follow the steps in How to Compose a DVD Image.

After you create the DVD image, you will usually want to burn the image to a DVD. To do so, select File -> Burn DVD, or select image\ActionsBurnDVD.gif on the Actions tab. The Burn DVD wizard will appear to step you through the burning process. For more information, refer to How to Burn a DVD.


Note: Burning a DVD requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, a drive that supports DVD burning and the correct DVD media.

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